Hi there!

I’m Mateus Braga, a creative guy focused in creating experiences for brands that can transform emotions into relationship. The future is still open, the sky is my limit!

I’m creative leader of multidisciplinary teams and inspiring fellows. I had almost 23 years of experience in the brand experience, advertising, whI’m a creative leader of multidisciplinary teams and inspiring fellows. I have had almost 23 years of experience in the area, such as in brand experience, advertising, producing, developing, whatever… I have worked with many leading brands in different industries, such as Finance, Automotive, Retail, Government, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Beauty and many more.

I have a deep experience, covering from offline and digital campaigns to complex systems design. However, I didn’t do it alone – I have the great ability to manage teams. I understand how different disciplines work together to build something bigger. These bigger things are customer-centric clients I’ve worked on. This thinking allowed me to build strong and powerful relationships with clients, being an important tool for their business.

“Creativity is not what is done within companies, but what is perceived by consumers.”

It is one of my mantras that clearly demonstrates that the focus on deliverable isn’t only done by great craft talents. We need to research the human behavior and how society and the human being interact with each other, this is pure human-strategy.

The world goes round and we need to move on using creativity and technology to find ways to solve human problems. Some people call this innovation. I call life. I always need to think more and more precisely to convert the clients’ business into the customers’ desires.

I began my career in Brasília, Brasil, serving local clients. Soon, I took some steps ahead in the career and started to work with great brands such as Samsung, FIAT, Chevrolet, ESPN, Danone, Brastemp, Alpargatas, Mizuno, Sanofi, Nespresso, Natura and many more. I have been rewarded more than 60 times, with awards and recognition, including Cannes, El Ojo, Effie, Fiap, Wave, Sinos, Smart, Creative Club of Sao Paulo, Colunistas Brasília, Colunistas São Paulo, Colunistas Brasil and many publication magazines. I have also been part of many jury festivals, such as NY Festivals, Prêmio Abradi, and Prêmio Colunistas. In 2017 I was selected as Top 50 Most Creative by IberoAmérica of El Ojo.